PORSCHE Formula E Series 1

The majestic horse struts into the fields of Formula E for the first time in 2019-20

Porsche fans! The wait is finally over! Porsche will debut in the 2019-20 Formula E season and I for one cannot wait! I must admit I am a huge Porsche fan myself and to see them compete in the Formula E is great!

This piece will be the start of a new series where I’ll cover Team Porsche during the upcoming 2019-20 season.

Let’s start of by understanding who Porsche are and what they do and why they are heading in the right direction with this move.

Porsche as a company have evolved and changed a lot, at the same time they have always stayed true to themselves. Porsche used to be the “bad boy” or the “grim reaper’s “car. Over time they have become a lot more balanced, scientific and focussed. Porsche have set the benchmark for their rivals across many categories (motorsport, luxury and supercars). This approach really took off with the launch of the 918 Spyder, a technological marvel. Just after the concept was made public, I was wishing them to compete in the Formula E. For anybody to grow, they need to change and evolve with time. Porsche are doing exactly that with their Formula E move.

Plus, it just feels so good to have a motorsport legend like Porsche involved in such an amazing event. They have a rich history and pedigree in multiple motorsport events like the Carrera Panamericana, Targa Florio, the FIA endurance championship and the 24 hrs Le Mans to name a few.

Let’s take a quick look at the team that will representing Porsche for the upcoming Formula E season.

Neel Jani- Driver: Neel Jani is a Swiss professional racing driver with a lot of experience and a history of success. He achieved his greatest success winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016 after first joining Porsche’s LMP1 programme for the 2014 season driving in the WEC, so he already has a good relationship with Porsche and the two of them clearly work well together. He also performed very well with Porsche in the FIA endurance championships. When he raced for Rebellion Racing in 2018 and 2019 24hrs Le Mans he had current Porsche Formula E co-driver, Andre Lotterer, as his co-driver too. Team chemistry seems to be one of the strengths for Team Porsche going into their maiden Formula E season.

Andre Lotterer- Driver: André Lotterer is a Belgian-German highly experienced professional racing driver. He competes with a Belgian licence, while representing Germany. He is best known for his success in endurance racing with the works Audi team, including three victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the drivers’ title of the FIA World Endurance Championship. He is a high quality driver and racing for Audi in the 24hrs Le Mans proves that. In that particular competition, he was one of Porsche’s toughest competitors and now the two have joined forces.  He has had two solid seasons in Formula E and can now work with Porsche to keep improving. His driving style is also quite complimentary to Neel’s and they will form a good base for Porsche in my opinion.

Porsche have also brought in former Formula 1 driver, Brendon Hartley as a test driver in preparation for their maiden Formula E season.

So then, they have the huge pedigree of Porsche, top class drivers in Neel and Andre and the excitement of participating in an event for the first time! This season is going to be fun, emotional and could spring a few surprises, and I’ll be here for it all with a prancing horse in my heart.



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