Let’s Chai and Chill !!

(A place where you and I can sit back, relax and share our views on various subjects)


Hello! My name’s Arjun. I’m a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA in Sports Management (still not as good a crossover as Steph on CP3) in Bangalore, India. This Blog reflects my passion for a few topics that excite me – Cars, Bikes, MotoGP, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Media and Diversity.  

I plan to write on other subjects too as I develop interest. I can also write content based on your suggestions so feel free to leave your comments and messages and I hope we can make this place an interactive one. It’s gonna be your blog as much as mine.  

I’ll keep posting as often as I can (keep in mind that I do tend to procrastinate!). During  the past few years, I was intensively focusing on my studies and various projects, Hence could not upload as many as I would have liked to. I might have to take a short break every now and then (for about a couple of months or so) when I take up special assignments for my clients. Your feedback is most welcome.

You can contact me using the social media links at the bottom of this page. *When I receive any messages, Manchester United fans will be responded to first (I wish…… unfortunately society dictates that I be unbiased…….)*