Let’s Chai and Chill !!

(A place where you and I can sit back, relax and share our views on various subjects)


Hello! My name’s Arjun. I’m a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA in Sports Management (still not as good a crossover as Steph on CP3) in Bangalore, India. This Blog reflects my passion for a few topics that excite me – Cars, Bikes, MotoGP, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Media and Diversity.  

I plan to write on other subjects too as I develop interest. I can also write content based on your suggestions so feel free to leave your comments and messages and I hope we can make this place an interactive one. It’s gonna be your blog as much as mine.  

I’ll keep posting as often as I can. During  my college years, I was intensively focusing on my studies and various projects, hence could not upload as many as I would have liked to.

After a very busy schedule at work in Dubai, I am currently on a brief hiatus, but there’s new and exciting content coming soon! However, I am always open to take up special assignments for my clients at all times.

You can contact me using the social media links at the bottom of this page or click the ABOUT ME tab in the menu.