Ferrari 2021: The horse is prancing again

Ferrari. The biggest name in Formula 1. Arguably the biggest name in all of motorsport. The sport needs Ferrari to be good. The sport needs their biggest star to shine bright. And the year 2020, that was an absolute disaster. And if that form had continued into this season, then some pretty serious conversations would need to take place in Maranello, and the higher ups at the FIA would have been worried, it’s fair to say. The progress seen this season is a very welcome sight. It is also pretty impressive considering this is the final year before the new regulations kick in. It would have been easy for Scuderia to write off this year and just put all their eggs into 2022. But they persisted in their efforts to make the 2021 car perform a lot better. To be fair, I really doubt whether it could have got much worse after the absolute shambles of a season in 2020.

But they chose to make inroads into the development of the car and have been mighty impressive to say the least! People expected McLaren to perform the way they are. Daniel Ricciardo to join Lando Norris. An already solid car now powered by a Mercedes power unit. People expected them to grab the midfield battle by the throat and just run away with it. Certainly, nobody expected Ferrari to be right up there and challenging McLaren for third place in the constructor’s championship. And it is a treat to watch, this battle. The two biggest names in the sport going at it. Sure, it isn’t for the drivers or the constructor’s championship. But to see the two heavyweights, the two rivals, go back and forth, round after round, this is brilliant. Just like the title race this season is a very mouth watering one, between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, this midfield battle between McLaren, Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo and Ferrari, Charles Leclerc and former McLaren driver Carloz Sainz, is just so wonderful to watch. All four drivers have no trouble getting their shoulders out when it comes to it. All four of them have that x factor. That killer instinct. And to see them go at it not only against their own teammates but also the rivals, who all get along great off the track, is thrilling.

This battle also highlights the fact that there isn’t one particular way of winning. In the simplest way, the McLarens absolute smoke the Ferraris when it comes to straight line speed (#bringback2019Ferraripls). While the Ferraris have shown really strong pace overall. Yes, they are a bit of a sitting duck down the straights, but their maneuverability and drivability has come leaps and bounds since last year and this is where they make up their time. Just like the old days. Raw speed is one thing, but it is true pace that gets you wins. And this is like the old days. Except there is young blood to lead the charge. And that is an absolutely delicious prospect. Bring on the rest of the season. This boxing match is going to the last round with both sides taking and landing hits round after round. ANDIAMO SQUADRA! ESSERE FERRARI!