Rins grabs victory right at the death in Silverstone, UK

Rins and Marquez played out a BAFTA worthy battle at the historic venue

The recently concluded Silverstone GP. Wow! It was like a motorsport version of the Spanish Inquisition as Alex Rins, Marc Marquez and Maverick Vinales burnt the rest of the riders in front of a vociferous crowd.

The entire race weekend was eventful. First off, fan favourite and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi narrowly missed out on pole position to rival Marquez. Marquez, meanwhile continued to show his class and dominance over the rest of the riders, just breezing past everyone in sight.

But the real action began on Sunday, noon. Perfect weather, good conditions and then some. And all of this in a country known for gloomy, rainy days! ‘Twas a good sign! The very first corner on the very first lap, and Fabio Quartararo loses grip and crashes. Andrea Dovizioso then crashes into Fabio’s sliding bike and is thrown off the Ducati in spectacular fashion.  The Silverstone race marshalls were fantastic in their response it must be said. The riders taken to safety, the fire put out and the track cleared very efficiently.

The Brits are known for their art, theatre and film. Well, Silverstone felt like one rollercoaster of a film. A huge explosive beginning, a lot of 2-3 intense rider battles during the middle and then THAT finale. Marc Marquez led the pack brilliantly, and almost got the Honda home. But it wasn’t to be. Alex Rins and his Suzuki had the last laugh. Rins overtook Marquez on the final straight and wins the British GP, beating Marquez by just 0.012 seconds!

The podium was all red as Spaniard Maverick Vinales completed the Spanish trinity, leaving the chasing pack behind by a whopping 11.439 seconds.

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  1. Fast track a year later, Fabio Quartararo has now won the opening two races of the 2020 season and “distanced” himself from the other competitors, and more importantly from Marc Marquez, who suffered an injury in the opening gp in Jerez.

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